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It's always nice to meet our customers as well as being able to speak with them and provide them the best service. We get our customers scheduled in at the best time possible for them. We like to ask beforehand what color and specific details they would like for their project. 

We keep in touch with our customers to remind/comfirm their appointment.

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 As you are aware, every company has their own unique way of fabricating. At Riestra's Kitchen & Bath, we pay very close attention to our customers specified requirements on their counter top designs and perfect fit. It's all about D E T A I L S. We strive to have precise measurements in order to deliver a well made counter-top and meet our customers expectations.  Below see our step-by-step regulations in fabricating. 

  • Slab Inspection- Before starting the project we like to view the slab and determine whether the slab doesn't have any damage to it; cracks and fissures. 
  • Template Layout- We carefully view the template or sketch that was made. Our revisions are made by the manager or owner at the shop. 
  • Fabrication- We cut out the slab into the accurate measurements to be ready to polish.
  • Polish- We first look at the type of edge the customer wanted and then we polish with precise motion to acquire a smooth solid finish.
  • Review- We carefully take a look at the final results and every detail possible such as making sure measurements are accurate. After giving the final acceptance, it is ready for installation. 



 We let our customers know beforehand when their counter-tops are estimated to be done and ready to be installed. If the date has changed we will contact our customer as soon as possible to let them know of the changes that have been made. 



 We provide Granite, quartz, and marble, etc.  We are always available to give our customers prices and also work with our customers budget. We provide information on what would look best for your desired counter-top in kitchen, bathrooms, fireplaces and outdoors. It is always important to review all the factors when choosing the best stone and color for the countertops. The walls, floor and cabinets all play an important role.  


Home Essentials

Home products are a necessity; Such as Sinks, Cabinets, tubs, and much more.  We sell a wide variety of our own self-made home decor. We know that in order for counter-tops to shine, everything that makes up a kitchen and bathroom are valuable.