Granite is best for kitchen, bathrooms, and fireplaces or any other area. It's price tends to be very affordable; of course depending on which level of stone chosen. It's hardness surface is resistant to high temperatures. Its surface has a natural grain leaving a unique look. Unlike quartz it is porous. Seams sometimes can be visible.  


Quartz is a beautiful material. Their is always a variety of colors to choose from that will for-sure catch your eye. It's easier to clean. Tends to be extremely durable and harder than granite; it's texture does not allow bacteria to grow which causes it to resist against stains/scratches. It isn't porous. Seams between slabs are less visible. Quartz is not as resistant to heat as granite is. Which, we suggest customers to be cautious with  hot pots and pans in the kitchen or hot hair tools in the bathroom. 


Marble adds a sophisticated  look to the area in which it is installed. Prices on marble can vary depending on the design chosen. Most marble stones tend to be appealing due to their aesthetic design. It often comes in bold colors and veining. A downside on marble is that they are weak to chemicals; acidic solutions. This can cause to leave marks on it's surface. Although their can be applications to reduce the risk of an etch.

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